Core values are the fundamental beliefs that form the foundation for how we operate and conduct ourselves at HOGIC. On a daily basis, we live by our Core Values whether together at church, in our homes, on our jobs, or in the public. Our Core Values inform and shape our perspective, actions and speech as we serve God and His people. We are committed to embracing HOGIC's Core Values as one body, operating on one accord, to fulfill God's purpose for our ministry.

HOGIC's Core Values

  1. I Am a Disciple
    • I model Christ-likeness and support a multiplying ministry
  2. I Am Caught By the Vision
    • I understand, live and transmit the vision
  3. I Am Committed to Cell Life
    • I support evangelism, leadership development, and multiplication
  4. I Am Passionate About My Spiritually
    • I have a strong devotion life and live by prayer and fasting, and holiness
  5. I am Submitted to Authority
    • I love, honor and respect my leaders
  6. I Commit My Time
    • I manage and invest time for the kingdom
  7. I Have Lifelong Relationships
    • I am accountable and responsible to others
  8. I Love Equipping and Training
    • Training is my happy hour
  9. I Am a Leader of 12 Disciples
    • I am born to multiply
  10. I Accomplish Church Goal Setting
    • I help to fulfill the goals
  11. I Want to See My Church Grow
    • I pray, work, and pay
  12. Young People Are Important to Me
    • I will prepare the next generation