We Believe

  • In the intrinsic value of all individuals and every ethnic group, recognizing them as distinct expressions of the nature and purpose of our Creator
  • That the family unit is the basis of lasting stability in a culture and is to be the primary training ground for effective citizenship
  • That both the church and the state are mutually responsible for the enhancement of life for all citizens
  • That freedom begins in self-government under God and that a truly just society focuses citizens upon their responsibilities as much as their rights
  • That God's Word teaches that the governments and kingdoms of this world are accountable to God, through Jesus Christ
  • In the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who conforms us to the image of Jesus Christ
  • That the accomplishment of the Great Commission is most effectively realized through the ministry of small groups
  • The Apostles' Creed
  • That excellence is the hallmark of God's character and the signature of God's people

We Consistently

  • Embrace the practice of prayer and intercession
  • Exalt God in praise and worship
  • Encourage believers to grow
  • Empower the people of God to serve
  • Entrust one another with the ministry of Care
  • Equip believers to evangelize the World

We Strive For World CONQUEST