In keeping with the international theme, the Heart of God International Church (HOGIC) family extends beyond our home in Alexandria, VA. We support faith-based organizations all over the world who believe in fellowship and discipleship through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • G12 Vision

    The G12 vision is about loving God, loving people, and doing something to help those in need. It started at a church in Bogota, Columbia led by pastor Cesar Castellanos, with only 8 people and has since grown to more than 200,000 people. The Vision of G12 (Government of Twelve) is founded on the Great Commission given by Jesus; its main objective is for every member to become a leader who will transmit Christ's character and form his group of twelve disciples to do the same. “Our mission is for every member to become a leader. We want to follow Jesus' steps in everything that we do. The vision is based on Jesus' life. Our mission is to raise leaders with the right character who would form others to develop the right character as well. Every one of our cell groups consists in teaching a message of salvation for the new believers and to experience supernatural miracles.”

  • Atlanta Metro Cathedral

    Atlanta Metro Cathedral (AMC) is pastored by Bishop Flynn Johnson and his wife, Lady Carolyn Johnson. AMC is a church community that is faith-based and believes in strong fellowship. AMC is the lead church of the G12 Vision for the Southeast region of the United States, providing spiritual oversight and leadership to HOGIC."

  • Related Pastors

    The Related Pastors' Apostolic Network was birthed from a series of prophetic words spoken into the life of Bishop Johnson. The words given confirmed the God-given dreams growing in his heart and the call of God on his life. Related Pastors is a fellowship of ministers alike in doctrine, vision, character, values and purpose. The Related Pastors Network desires to affect the world for Jesus Christ by building strong local churches that uphold the moral and ethical values taught in the Bible.